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Caffè Sansone

Blend for Moka

Blend for Moka

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Blend for Moka

Our coffee blend for moka is made up of coffees of different origins. Each one of them brings its own aromas, the right dose of bitter and sweet, its own body.
In this way we have obtained a balanced and aromatic blend where the individual origins blend, balance and harmonize with each other.
Our secret recipe is high quality combined with passion without forgetting tradition and innovation.

70% Arabica composed of 35% Colombia Supremo and 35% Brasile Delizia (processing: washed)
Canephora Tanzania at 30% (processing: natural)

Grams: 0.250 gr, 1000 gr.
Roasting degree: Medium roast

Grinding: Grains, For Moka, For Neapolitan

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