Our Roasting

Differentiation! This is the word that distinguishes us and is the first rule for successful roasting. The final consumer must understand the particularity and difference from all other collaborators in the sector.

The selection of each bean is of fundamental importance for choosing the right blend.
Our house blend comes from the wisdom of the raw material using the best tools and techniques currently in use.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is roasting, where each single variety is toasted individually.

Process that allows for the development of the organoleptic properties of each individual coffee.

We use a roaster equipped with a rotating drum.
Our entire production process involves individual roasting of the beans in order to maximize the quality of the final product.

We begin with the careful selection of green coffee, taking into consideration the peculiarities determined by the variety of plants, the soil, the climate and the care taken by the farmer before and during harvesting.

Subsequently, we continue with the processing, packaging and shipping phases of the coffee.

It is important to underline that even coffees from the same country, the same region or even the same farm can present different results and characteristics in the cup, due to even minimal variation in any of the factors mentioned above.