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AeroPress Coffee Maker is the accessible and versatile coffee maker that you won't be able to do without.

How to prepare a cup of good coffee wherever you are? This was the question behind the invention of this coffee maker called AeroPress and designed by Aerobie, a company specialized in the production of Frisbees, a decidedly outdoor sport.

Simple to use
Its lightness, its simplicity of use and the excellent results obtained have made this tool successful among coffee lovers and in the most avant-garde coffee shops.

Enjoy your coffee anywhere
✔️ Great for home, office, travel and outdoor activities
✔️ AeroPress Go stores in its cup
✔️ AeroPress Original stores in a tote bag

Prepare your coffee in less than a minute
The extraction occurs very quickly, thanks to a rapid infusion process. The result in the cup is devoid of any hint of bitterness and acidity. The Aeropress Coffee Maker is similar in body to a moka pot. Unlike the mocha, it does not risk giving the coffee bitter, burnt notes, which unfortunately high temperatures can cause.

Perfect for any preparation!
Patented AeroPress technology can brew from cold brew, all the way up to the smoothest drinks you've ever tasted. Also perfect mixed with milk!

Did you know that
Aeropress Coffee Maker is loved all over the world, from professional baristas to simple coffee lovers, creating their own recipes. Thousands of fans, from more than 60 countries, compete in the World AeroPress Championship each year.

Data sheet
Material: plastic
Capacity: 1 to 4 cups

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